Our Mission

Provide authentic, quality, affordable Tex-Mex for our customers

Be a valuable member of the Austin community

Operate with cooperative values including:

Creation of quality employment

Democratic control by worker-members

Pathway to ownership for all employees

About Us

Our Taco House Co-op is the first worker-owned Tex-Mex cooperative in Austin, Tx., serving affordable, authentic, and quality fast food. Founded by Shirley Trevino and Raquel Banda. Together, they have more than 52 years of combined experience and knowledge in the food service industry.

Our Taco House is incorporated as a Cooperative Association, in accordance with Chapter 251 (Cooperative Associations) of the Texas Business Organizations Code. We have chosen this legal entity to distinguish ourselves from our competitors and to offer ownership opportunities to our worker members.

They called on Brad Beyer, Matt Marron and Bryan Lawhorn to be founding members and serve on the board of directors of the co-op:

Meet our Board Members

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